This is your heart, can you feel it, can you feel it?

karentobon asked:

WHere you find your last picture ? That's amazing

I was just scrolling through pics from brits afterparty 


Bastille @ Open’er Festival


At times like this you realise how much you actually love this bloody band. Credit to Greg the god. x

Being forced to play in public was mildly traumatic, but, after, like, a bottle and a half of wine, I just about had the courage to get up onstage and stare at my feet and play some songs.


A shadow cast upon a wall is silhouette and nothing more but it’s all that’s left behind…

Kubana Festival 2014 (c) Валентин Монастырский 

My Friend: Why do you listen to the same song over and over until you get sick of it? Me: bECAUSE I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL

humbuh asked:

hey :) where is that last gifset you posted from?

it’s from Bastille’s performance at Opener Festival in Poland :)